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Reno 7PRO

What is the screen material of OPPOReno7Pro

OPPOReno7Pro uses AMOLED screen material, with a clear and delicate overall display effect and rich and vibrant colors, providing users with a very comfortable visual effect.

What are the advantages of AMOLED material:

1. Compared to traditional LCD, AMOLED screens are very thin and can integrate touch layers within the screen, making it more advantageous in making ultra-thin machines.

2. AMOLED self illumination, single pixel does not work when displaying black, and low power consumption when displaying dark colors. So AMOLED saves power in dark colors and has hundreds of times the contrast of traditional LCDs, without light leakage.

3. AMOLED has a certain degree of flexibility and is less prone to damage than LCD screens on glass substrates.

4. AMOLED and SUPERAMOLED have very wide color gamut.

OPPOReno7Pro not only provides users with excellent screen display, but also provides users with excellent 5G phone performance, excellent battery life experience, and high cost-effectiveness.

Product Parameters

Screen size6.55 inches Screen size range5.6 inches and above
Screen material AMOLED (flexible) Resolution2400×1080
Screen pixel density  402ppi Screens92.8% 
Screen Refresh rate 90HzScreen contrast


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