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Reno 5_6_7

The screen of OPPO reno 6 adopts a 6.43 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400 ×  1080 pixels, excellent display effect. The screen display effect is bright, with high color saturation, strong contrast, and obvious display details. At the same time, the opporeno6 screen supports a 90Hz Refresh rate, making the picture more smooth and natural.

In indoor settings, the screen performance of OPPO reno 6 is outstanding and can meet the daily needs of users. But under sunlight, the screen may appear slightly dark, which can have a certain impact on the reading experience.

Compared to other phones in the same price range, the screen of the OPPO reno 6 is in a leading position in overall performance. For example, compared to Xiaomi 11, OPPO reno 6 has a more delicate screen performance, more realistic colors, and better visual effects.

Product Parameters
Screen size6.55 inches Screen size range5.6 inches and above
Screen material AMOLED (flexible) Resolution2400×1080
Screen pixel density  402ppi Screens92.8% 
Screen Refresh rate 90HzScreen contrast


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