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What should you pay attention to when replacing the screen of your mobile phone?

Choose a regular repair shop or brand repair center to ensure that the screen quality and installation technology are guaranteed. More peace of mind and reduced risks. If you do it yourself, first confirm that the screen model matches the phone model to avoid incompatibility and unsuccessful installation. After purchasing the screen online, disassemble it and test it to avoid inappropriate installation and to facilitate replacement with the provider. Before replacing the screen, back up important data and files on your phone to avoid losing them. Watch the disassembly video several times to reduce the risk of disassembly. Turn off the phone, remove the card slot, and remove the battery to avoid electric shock or short circuit when replacing the screen. Control the temperature of the fan and carefully remove the broken screen with a plastic warp piece. When replacing the screen, care needs to be taken to avoid damage to other components. After replacement, test whether the screen is working properly, including touch screen, display effect, brightness, etc. Once normal, use glue to stick the screen firmly. Pay attention to protect the new screen to avoid scratches, collisions, etc. Put a tempered film on the new screen. You're done.

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