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How to optimize phone display settings for better viewing


Isn't your iPhone display screen what you want? Don't worry! With just a few simple adjustments to the settings, you can optimize the iPhone display for a better personalized viewing experience. Let's explore how to achieve this.

Understanding iPhone Display Settings

IPhone has several display settings that can significantly affect your viewing experience.

Brightness and Night Shift

The brightness setting controls the brightness of the screen, while Night Shift adjusts the color of the monitor to the warmer end of the spectrum, which is more likely to affect the eyes in dim light.

Text Size and Bold

These settings allow you to enlarge and bold the text on your iPhone, making it easier to read.

Automatic locking

The 'Auto Lock' setting determines the amount of time the iPhone screen remains open when not in use.

Steps to optimize iPhone display settings

Let's delve deeper into how to adjust these settings to improve your viewing experience.

Adjusting brightness and night shift

Navigate to 'Settings', then navigate to' Display and Brightness'. Here, you can adjust the brightness slider according to your preferences. For night shifts, click on its tab and set your favorite schedule or adjust color temperature.

Adjusting Text Size and Bold

Go to 'Settings', then go to' Display and Brightness', and then go to 'Text Size'. Drag the slider to adjust the text size. For bold text, please return to 'Display and Brightness' and enable' Bold Text '. Your iPhone needs to be restarted to apply this change.

Set automatic locking

Go to 'Settings', then go to' Display and Brightness', and then go to 'Auto Lock'. Choose the duration that is suitable for your usage mode.

Other tips for better viewing

Use dark mode

Dark mode will change the screen background to black, which will make your eyes more relaxed, especially in low light conditions. You can enable it in 'Settings' and then enable it in' Display and Brightness'.

Reduce transparency and movement

If you find the visual effects on the iPhone unbearable, reducing transparency and movement will help. Go to 'Settings', then go to' Accessibility ', and then go to' Display and Text Size '. Here, you can turn on "Reduce Transparency" and "Reduce Motion".


Here you are! By understanding and adjusting these settings, you can significantly improve the viewing experience on iPhone. All of this is to personalize your device to meet your preferences and needs.

frequently asked questions

How to enable True Tone on iPhone?

You can enable True Tone in Settings (if supported by your iPhone), then enable it in Display and Brightness, and switch to True Tone.

Can I set my iPhone to automatically switch between light mode and dark mode?

Yes, under 'Settings' and then under' Display and Brightness', you can set the appearance to 'Automatic' to switch between light and dark modes based on the time of day.

How to adjust the size of application icons on iPhone?

Unfortunately, if you don't adjust the "Display Zoom" in "Settings", "Display and Brightness", and "View", you won't be able to change the size of the application icon on iPhone. Please note that not all models have this feature.

Can I customize the "Auto Lock" settings on my iPhone?

Yes, you can select 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes, or never in the automatic lock setting.

How can I keep my iPhone screen longer?

To make the iPhone screen stay longer, adjust the 'Auto Lock' setting to a longer duration or set it to 'Never'.

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