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Precautions for cleaning mobile phone screens


There's nothing more annoying than trying to view content through a dirty iPhone screen, right? But don't worry! This article is a comprehensive guide for keeping your iPhone screen clean and clear, without any risk of damage. We will delve into the precautions and even discuss how to keep the screen clean for a longer time.

The importance of cleaning the iPhone screen

A clean iPhone screen is not only about aesthetics, but also about functionality. Dust, grease, and debris can interfere with touch sensitivity and may cause typing errors and other issues. In addition, a clean screen can enhance your visual experience when using the device.

Required materials

It is crucial to collect all necessary materials before you start.

Commercial screen cleaner

There are several high-quality commercial screen cleaners on the market. These products are specially formulated for electronic screens to ensure safe and efficient cleaning.

Recommended brand

Some trustworthy brands include WHOOSH!, IKlear and Belkin.

Homemade screen cleaner

In the absence of commercial cleaning agents, you can use homemade solutions.

Suitable household ingredients

Distilled water and white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio can be used to safely clean iPhone screens.

Precautions for cleaning iPhone screen

Turn off device power

Before starting cleaning, make sure to turn off iPhone. This not only protects your device, but also makes the stains more noticeable.

Using soft materials

Always use a soft, lint free cloth, such as a Microfiber cloth, to clean the iPhone screen.

Use gentle pressure

When cleaning, gently press to avoid damaging the screen.

Precautions for cleaning iPhone screen

Avoid excessive moisture

Do not apply cleaning agents directly to the iPhone screen to prevent liquid from entering the port.

Avoid using abrasive materials

Avoid abrasive materials such as paper towels or tissues as they can scratch the screen.

Don't ignore cases and ports

When cleaning the screen, do not forget to clean the chassis and ports, as dust often accumulates there.

Correct procedure for cleaning iPhone screen

Step-by-step guide

1. Turn off iPhone power.

2. Wet your Microfiber cloth slightly with the detergent you choose.

3. Wipe the screen gently in Circular motion, and pay attention to areas with serious stains.

4. Allow the filter to air dry.

After drying, you can turn on the device power again.

Keep iPhone screen clean

preventive measure

To keep the screen clean, consider using a screen protector, avoid touching the screen with dirty hands, and regularly clean the screen.


In short, keeping the iPhone screen clean is not necessarily a complex task. Using the correct materials and following precautions can keep the screen clean and extend its lifespan.

frequently asked questions

Can I use alcohol to clean my iPhone screen?

It is not recommended to use alcohol on the iPhone screen as alcohol can damage the protective coating.

How often should I clean my iPhone screen?

This depends on the number of times you use the device. If you use it regularly, cleaning it every day may be beneficial.

Can I use baby wipes to clean my iPhone screen?

Baby wipes are usually safe for cleaning iPhone screens. However, please ensure that they are alcohol free and odorless to avoid damaging your screen.

Do I need to remove the phone case during cleaning?

Yes, removing the case can clean hidden areas that often accumulate dust.

Is it safe to use a screen saver on my iPhone?

Yes, a screen protector can help prevent scratches and reduce stains, making it easier for your screen to stay clean.

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